A PIECE OF PARADISE by Manuel Pereiras -Leive AKA Alberto Cifuentes

They call it “your casa away from home.”

THEY are Roberto Carlos Hernández and Zsolt Simon. Your home away from home is their soon-to-open B&B Casa Muni in Puerto Vallarta, the very gay-friendly resort on the Pacific coast of our southern neighbor.

Zsolt and Roberto met through a gay cruising website and they’ve been together for 5 years giving all us hope that we’ll find our better half in the unlikeliest of places. As a mater of fact, they are married –– twice. Once when it became legal in Illinois for them to do so and then when they relocated to México, just to make sure there were no legal snafus.
Zsolt was a long-time resident of Chicago and for the last five years Roberto has been commuting between this our beautiful burg and the splendid Imperial Ciudad de México, that is, Mexico City. But Zsolt has always dreamed of opening a B&B and Roberto’s family has long been in the food service industry owning restaurants in Mexico City and Taxco. So when the constant traveling became quite burdensome they decided to go south and south they went.

They have acquired a quite charming small villa just steps away from the ocean with sweeping views of it and the town. They have two elegantsuites and a palatial wing to rent. All the modern amenities are available but the house is full of that colonial flavor we all wish for when we go south ourselves.

There is a heated pool surrounded by luscious potted vegetation where they’ll offer a very gay happy hour every day. They’ll of course, offer breakfast, delicious dishes created by the International Chef Axel Garcia
Puerto Vallarta itself is legendary.

There are plenty of shops (high-end boutiques, American chains, artists’ ateliers, tourist traps), galleries (from world-class establishments to street artists), and restaurants (from 4-star gourmand favorites to a hole in the wall). To each his own. And you can still feel the ghosts of Elizabeth and Richard frolicking in the sand when he wasn’t filming. And of Ava herself going deep with her muchachitos into the ocean while the iguanas do what iguanas do.

And there are plenty of opportunities for us boys to do like the iguanas, that is, practice our international pastime. You can go native or partake of the temporary expats, for Los Muertos Beach is filled with all types for all types. And all of them very much alive!.
Zsolt and Roberto will be very happy to guide you through the bright spots and dark corners of this little town that could. First they’ll pick you at the airport and after some welcoming drinks and letting you take a siesta if you so desire, they’ll point you out to what you’re looking for. Just ask, and if there is an answer, it will be given.

So if the doldrums of winter get to you know that a couple of friendly gays are ready to greet you with open arms “south of the border, down Mexico way.”

Remember, their casa is your casa, CASA MUNI, a piece of paradise in Paradise.